How Open Water Works.

Our Philosophy

01. The Idea

We interview the most promising startups and select 40 companies.

02. Build and Design

Each startup is assigned a dedicated team of Engineers and Designers. With this team your one year roadmap becomes a six week action plan.

03. Market and Grow

Each startup is assigned a dedicated team of Growth Hackers. The team helps your startup find product market fit.


Open Water Accelerator Fall 2020

July - August

Screen and Recruit Talent

The Open Water Team recruits and screens the most talented Engineers, Designers, Product Managers, and Growth Hackers in the United States.

August 31st

Founder Invitations Sent

40 of the most promising startups are invited to join Open Water.

First Week of September

Super Days

Founders interview Designers, Engineers, and Growth Hackers from our talent pool and select their team.

September 8th

Fall Cohort Begins

Teams are finalized and startups continue to grow.

December 10th

Demo Day

The Open Water Summer 2020 Cohort presents to investors during a virtual demo day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Open Water is a new type of startup accelerator. For first time founders the limiting factor to growing a software company is talent, not capital.

Open Water provides selected startups with $125k in cloud credits and a dedicated team of engineers, designers, and growth hackers. We help startups innovate faster, grow faster, and build better betas.

Your idea is great. Stop waiting and start building.

Open Water Accelerator helps early stage startups grow faster. We typically partner with companies that have raised between $50,000-$450,000 in Angel or Pre-Seed rounds. Occasionally, we bet on founders with just an idea.

Due to COVID-19 the Fall 2020 Cohort will be held remotely and not in the Bay Area.

Apply as a Founder

Open Water helps your company grow faster. The Open Water Program lasts for 3 months. During the three months a typical startup receives a team of 5-7 Engineers, Designers and Growth Hackers. Open Water helps startups grow from idea or MVP to product market fit.

All founders are welcome at Open Water. Open Water provides the team necessary to build and grow almost any product. We can build the vision of non technical founders and help technical founders build faster.

Open Water will host a virtual demo day to present the cohort to investors on December 10th, 2020. For the companies that go on to raise, we encourage hiring members of the Open Water team that helped build your company.

Open Water takes 5% equity in all startups. For 5% equity we provide 3 months of engineering, design, and growth hacking, and up to 150k of cloud credits.

Most startups fail. In order to succeed, founders will have to put all their energy into their company. For 99% of founders this means quiting their job. For the other 1% of founders, Open Water offers a "Part Time" Founder program. "Part Time" Founders are industry leaders who have a startup idea but are not ready to leave their job. "Part Time" founders lay out the vision for their product, the Open Water Team builds it, and the founder launches when they are ready to leave their day job.

Join the Team

Open Water is the best way to spend a semester as a college student. Be one of the first employees at the next big startup, build out your portfolio, and gain equity in the projects you help build.

Open Water is looking for smart and driven people. We are hiring interns: Designers, Software Engineers, Product Managers, Marketers, Sales, and Social Media Managment. If you don't see a role that fits here, email us at

Open Water accepts early stage startups. We typically partner with companies that have raised between $50,000-$450,000 in Angel or Pre-Seed rounds. Occasionally, we bet on founders with just an idea. As part of the Open Water Team you will help these startups build, improve their product and find product market fit.

Open Water Team members earn equity in the startups they work on.